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Thursday, October 11, 2012

October is Anti Bullying Month too!

Not only is October Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Disability Awareness Month, and Queer History Month, but it is Anti-Bullying Month too!

Yesterday I came across this video, that has apparently gone "viral" recently. Here, a news anchor shares a letter sent by an occasional viewer:

In light of Anti Bullying Month, the news anchor Jennifer Livingston displayed this email, which she received personally. Livingston chose to share this email primarily to "take a stand" against bullying. The email specifically says that Livingston's weight is setting a bad example, especially for young girls. In pointing out that she is setting a bad example particularly for young girls, the writer is re-enforcing the idea that females should feel especially obligated to remain thin; such an ideology supports a number of negative messages that girls and women are already receiving from the media, influencing a plethora of body image issues and disorders. The mother of three girls, Livingston points out that most young children hearing messages such as these will certainly be negatively affected by them. Messages like this promote bullying and low self-esteem among young people. Apparently, adults sometimes adapt the same bullying techniques.

In another video, Livingston and her husband explain that she has a condition that makes the process of losing weight very difficult. In the above video, Livingston does relay the message that the writer of this email does not know her. It is important to keep in mind personability in all instances, especially bullying. In this instance, the sender was not aware of Livingston's difficulty with losing weight. In my opinion, it does not matter whether or not he/she was aware of this. Keep in mind that it is never right to criticize anyone for their personal attributes, whether they can change or not. The will to change is either their choice or it is not; if it is their choice, then it is theirs. If they have an attribute that they cannot change, it is as simple as that. Regardless, they are certainly self-aware and don't need to be told what you think is wrong with them! In light of Anti Bullying Month, be sure not to bully this month (or any month) and keep in mind everyone's personal struggle. Take a stand against bullying if you see it or hear it! Be aware of the messages that are being distributed and the harm they may cause.

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