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Monday, March 25, 2013

Status Update: Do I Really Need Facebook?

This guy is going to need a new friend for the mornings...

On any given morning my sequence of events is as follows, make a cup of coffee, sit down in front of my computer, check my email, log into Facebook. Without fail, Facebook is just as much a part of my morning as Folgers.
With a click of the mouse, I can see and know whom of my friends is moving, dating someone new, went partying last night, or is having a bad day. Likewise, anyone that I’m “friends” with can see where I attend school, where I work, what my thoughts of the day are, and quite possibly what I drive: all from one website. At one point in my life I obsessed over how many photos I had and how many “friends” I had on Facebook. But as I’ve grown up and grown older than needing the reassurance of a cadre of “Facebook Friends”, I’ve begun to wonder if I really need the site at all.
It’s become obvious that “social networking” is now the complete domain of social media, and actual, interactive, social networking is a thing of the past. Talking face to face is as antiquated as sending a telegram, and “going steady” is about as modern as a Model T. But I have to wonder: what has this done to us? I for one don’t think that we are better off and I intend to make a change. For a week, I’m going to stay off of Facebook, and see what I actually miss. During that week, I’m going to solely interact with people face to face; meaning actual conversations and actual hanging out.
I think it would definitely be an interesting week, and I’m willing to bet that my mornings could be way more interesting if I paired my Folgers with something else.

Anyway, that’s all for now folks!

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