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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

...and the Countdown Begins!

Hey, everyone!  So I don’t know about you all, but I am counting down the days until final exams are over (13 days until 5/14) and summer officially begins!  In the meantime, we have papers to finish up / begin, exams to continue preparing for / start thinking about, and CEC’s to hand in / write up at 1:00a.m., the night before.  How are we going to get through all of this stress?  Fear not, for I have been searching the web for answers!

How to De-Stress before Finals:

Spend Some Time Outside
Stress can be triggered when our bodies don’t know what time it is, according to Julie Holland, an assistant clinical professor at NYU School of Medicine.  "Exposing your retina to sunlight resets your circadian rhythm so your brain is on a schedule,” she says.  So, take a walk and catch some rays a few times a week to de-stress!

(Really) Forgive Someone
This is easier said than done, but totally worth it.  "When our minds keep rehearsing troubling interactions, the body's calming system becomes impaired," says Charlotte VanOyen Witvliet, a psychologist at Hope College in Michigan. You have to really mean it, though!  Let go of something you don’t even need to be carrying around, and let your new found freedom motivate you towards success!

Buy Yourself Flowers
Studies were done at Harvard University that showed that stress is somehow relieved in the presence of nature.  In one of the studies, the University delivered flowers to one group of women and gave candles to a second group. In just a week, the first group felt less anxious and depressed.

Do a Light Workout
When working out it can increase your mood, as long as you don’t overextend yourself.  It will relieve tension and allow you to focus on something else for a little while.

Play Some Favorite Tunes
Play some songs that bring back good memories, like something that reminds you of a first date or the first concert you ever went to – anything that triggers a positive image!

Turn the World Upside Down
I thought this one was interesting.  An article on had a post by a woman who lies on several stairs upside down to de-stress.  She says, "I'm not sure how it started -- I think I probably just collapsed one evening after chasing a preschooler and a toddler all day. It must have something to do with all that blood rushing to my head, but since then, whenever I'm going insane, a few minutes upside down on the stairs totally changes my outlook and mood."

Laugh It Off
Laughter lowers your levels of cortisol, a hormone that is released when you feel stressed.  Who doesn’t like to laugh?

Ten-Finger Gratitude Exercise
Once each day, come up with ten things that you are grateful for and count them on your fingers.  This exercise is supposed to bring to mind the small, usually unnoticed things that also impact your day.

Reclaim your Life!
Think back to a time when your life was less frantic.  What did you enjoy doing then?  This could be anything from reading your favorite magazines to riding your bike.  Do it today or this weekend and put yourself back in touch with a part of you that you may have forgotten or lost track of!

Go to the Movies
Ask a friend or a sibling to go to the movies at a certain time and see what’s playing when you arrive.  Don’t do any research on show times or movie titles and just pick one that looks good at that moment.  Sometimes what makes us happiest is the unexpected!

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