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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Summer, Food and Why New Jersey is Pretty Awesome!

Foodies Rejoice!

Summer is almost here; and what does that mean?

Well, for the Garden State, that means a plethora of locally grown, fresh and amazingly delicious fruits and vegetables! Here’s a fun fact: New Jersey is the world leader in blueberry and cranberry cultivation. So, clearly New Jersey is the place to be in terms of fresh, healthy food: and as summer rapidly approaches why not take advantage of the wide array of farm goods that our state has to offer?
Fresh Produce: Courtesy of Your Local Farmer
Don’t know where to start?  Fear not!
The New Jersey Department of Agriculture publishes a list of farmers markets and locally owned small grocers and farm stands, organized by county and municipality. By supporting these smaller farms the benefits are abound; Consider,
By buying local produce,
  • You are supporting your neighbors
  • You are reducing the amount of effort (and not too mention, fuel and transportation) required to get food from the vine to your table.
  • It’s healthy- locally grown food doesn’t have to travel far, meaning that it can be enjoyed at its peak  of freshness.
  • It could be fun: Many farms allow you to pick your own produce, think about how fun a trip to one of these farms could be on a nice summer day!
So, what I’m really saying here is; New Jersey is a treasure trove of locally grown and wonderfully delicious fruits and vegetables and summer is the prime time to enjoy them! So get out there, support your Garden State, eat some healthy food, and enjoy the “fruits” of the labors of our local farmers!

Here’s the link to the New Jersey Department of Agriculture Index of Farms, Farmers Markets, and Farm Stands, enjoy!


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