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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

NASPA & Growing Up

Growing up after graduating sadly means you need to start looking for jobs, apartments, graduate programs and so on. It also means that it is time to mature. 

.......... I know Liz, sadly we live in a world where we have to mature, but digressing we have to help our readers move on!
 Today is a good day to talk about NASPA, and how it can help you grow up. NASPA stands for the National Association of Student Personnel Administrators. NASPA is a program design to help students who are interested in pursuing higher education meet their goals by providing them with different types of resources such as: conferences, online job guides, mentoring and much more.  

Last week I had the opportunity to attend one of their regional conferences and meet many wonderful administrators, whom I will choose one in order to pour on to you the wisdom that was so kindly pour down to me by  Erik J. Kneubuehl, Assistant Vice President / Dean of Students of NY Fashion Institute of Technology.

Erik Kneubuehl talked about the top 10 problems new professionals have when introduced to a new job, and how to avoid them. (* This applies to any job, not just jobs in the higher ed. field)

  •  Learn the Organization- Whenever you go into a new profession, you must do your research prior to the interview, you want to seem competent and well inform.
  • Office Art- Your office should never look like a mess, sit down where your client would be sitting and decorate your office to be pleasing to their eyes, while remaining professional. 
  • Technology- Never use social media for purposes other than work.
  • Procrastination- We all procrastinate but working on projects weeks before hand will make your job so much easier. Remember " Your lack of preparation does not constitute an emergency in my eyes" 
  • Supervisor - Your Supervisor is not your friend he/she is your supervisor for a reason, therefore you should be careful what you say to them, and give them the respect they have earned. 
  • Disappointment - It is ok if you mess up, just own up to it and do not try to blame any one else. 
  • Work at Work - Working to much can be a problem for your sanity, therefor leave your work at your work!!!!
  • School Culture- Learn the culture of your school (job), learn peoples name, how their office works,  be friendly and always try to know what is going on. 
  • Learning Never Ends. Remember that your degree/ job title does not means your are the end all know all of anything.  Be open to always learning new things.
  • Happy Hour- Gossiping is a dangerous thing in the office. Always keep the negative comments to yourself and any constructive criticism share with your supervisor. 
Like I said before this doesn't apply just to higher education but to your jobs in any field as well. Following these tips when interacting with others will definitely help your transition into "grown up-hood" in a positive light. 

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