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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

State of Out Youth!

This week, the Women’s Center brings you some exciting news!  We will be sponsoring a trip to the “State of Out Youth” Town Hall tonight!  “What is this?” you may be wondering.  Well, a bunch of nationwide LGBTQA+ organizations came together under the goal to gather, share, and discuss the issues facing queer youth in America.  The GLSEN, The Trevor Project, the Human Rights Campaign. the True Colors Fund, and the New York Times GLBT and Allies Network are all coming together to make this happen tonight in New York City.  The event will feature a panel of youths from many different backgrounds all across America.  As youths ourselves, the students visiting from Ramapo will be VIP guests; we hope to contribute to the discussion on young queer people in America.  It feels so nice to see a genuine interest in the experiences of young queer people; I am very excited to see how this event turns out.  We’ll be certain to let you, our readers and fans, know!  For more information, visit

Also, Cyndi Lauper, performer and co-founder of the True Colors Fund, will be speaking.  You can’t top that!

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